What To Do When Your Hot Water Heater Starts Leaking

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Our beloved water heaters let us enjoy hot showers and wash endless piles of dirty dishes in the harsh winters. We can’t imagine our lives without them, can we?

Water heaters have become an integral part of our daily routine. It is crucial to keep them in their best shape and properly working at all times. Indeed, water heaters last nearly 8 to 10 years, but even the best water heater leaks and needs maintenance.

To ensure there are no water heater leaks, it is vital to check them regularly and have them serviced yearly. After all, water heater leaks are among one of the major problems that many homeowners face yet don’t often think about.

Typically, hot water leaks result in approximately 10,000 gallons of home waste in the US. Moreover, 10% of US homes encounter plumbing problems that result in over 32,000 gallons of water loss every year. It’s mainly because water heaters are usually installed in places that homeowners don’t visit often. Is it out of sight – out of the mind trap?

Water heater leaks don’t go away on their own; instead, with time, they get worse. But don’t worry; we are here to help you avoid any disasters with hot water or get you started with hot water heater repair and replacement.

Steps To Take When Your Water heater leaks

The thing is, until and unless your tank has a hole, chances are you won’t detect leaks.

When your hot water tanks start dripping or leaking, it’s best to get to the bottom of the matter immediately. Water heater repair is definitely expensive, but you can save money and avoid water leaks in the future by taking the following steps.

Detect water heater leaks

Typically, hot water repairs are needed every eight years. Still, inconsistent pressure valves, loose water connections, corrosion, water temperature, cracks in the storage tank, and broken drain valves cause hot water to leak.

To start with, one needs to find the source of the leak –look for any holes or condensation. Hot water tanks are generally prone to leaks in areas that are close to the plumbing pipes or have a lot of water droplets outside the water tank. One also needs to check the inlet and outlet for water leaks.

Before you implement any water heater repairs, it’s all about focusing on detecting the water heater leaks. If any of the following occurs, you might have a faulty heater, and it’s essential to monitor the tank.

Turn Off The Power

After finding water heater leaks, turn off every energy source that powers the heater tank. Using a circuit breaker box is recommended to shut the water heater. Find the breaker to turn it off.

On the other hand, gas heaters are much easier to shut off as they have a flicking switch.

Shut Off The Water Supply

Next comes the step to stop the cold water flow to the hot water tank. Generally, the water heater consists of two pipes connected to the top of the water heater. One of them is the cold water supply inlet pipe, and that’s where the water supply comes from. Usually, it’s indicated with blue color, but it’s not, don’t worry. Simply touch and feel which is cooler and shut the water supply.

There are primarily two types of water supply waves:

Dial valves – They generally have a wheel shape valve that must be turned clockwise to close the water supply. Keep turning the wheel until it stops turning anymore to be sure that no water is flowing.

Ball valve – They have a lever handle that needs to be pulled or sometimes turned to shut the water supply.

Drain The Water Tank

Once you have completely turned off the water supply to the hot water heater, it is time to move on to the next step – draining the water tank. Firstly, find a drain valve, which is usually placed on the bottom of your water heating system. You would need to attach it to a hose to drain water out; otherwise, your basement would end up becoming a riverbed.

Now attach the hose to a floor drain or sump pit, and ensure the hose is connected correctly before opening the valve.

Call A Hot Water Heater Repair Professional – Superior Plumbing And Drains

The last step one must take is to call a qualified plumber or check for water heater repair near me on the Internet to find a reliable technician. If your heater tank leaks from the base, it probably needs a hot water heater replacement. Water heater repairs aren’t DIY projects that can be done by oneself.

Trying to do heater repair yourself could result in further damage and leaks. It could also result in a costly replacement in the long run if it ruins or destroys your plumbing pipes. After all, hot water tanks are expensive to purchase.

If you are facing difficulties in any of the above-mentioned steps, don’t worry. All you need to do is pick up your phone and give Superior Plumbing and Drains a call. For all your water tank leaks, water heater repair, and replacements, Superior Plumbing and Drains have qualified and trained plumbing technicians that make sure your house always has a running hot water supply.

Contact us now for any concerns regarding hot water leaks, repairs, and replacement services.

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