Why Is My Water Heater Taking Too Long To Heat?

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Do you find it difficult to leave your comfy bed in the morning? Or perhaps you are worn out from a hard day at the office -a steamy shower can take all that away in minutes.

While a hot shower can be an excellent motivation to start the day, waiting hours to get your water heating system ready can indicate a faulty hot water heater.

Stay with us, as in this blog, we will explore all the causes that result in a defective water heater.

Reasons Why Your Water Heater Is Acting Up

At least one in five houses suffers from a hot water crisis. Nothing is more frustrating than no hot water in the house. Despite having a world-class water furnace in our heaters, we often have to wait hours to get warm water flowing down our showerheads. Do you ever wonder why?

Here are some possible reasons that can wreck the smooth working of your water heaters:

  1. Sediment Buildup

A common reason that leads to a flawed heating system is the sediment buildup in the water heater tank. Minerals separated from the water start settling at the base of your water tank. The sediment buildup is usually near the gas burner or electric water heater. It blocks the transfer of heat to the water, resulting in more time to warm the water.

The only solution is regularly draining your water tank to keep it clean. It would help if you washed your water tank from time to time to flush out minerals that have built over time so that they do not block the heat transfer.

  1. Rusty Anodes

Every water heater comprises sacrificial anodes to ensure that the metal in them does not erode. However, with time they catch rust and erode themselves, thereby calling for an immediate heater replacement.

As their name suggests, sacrificial anodes sacrifice themselves to protect the heater from corrosion. However, they take several years to erode and start disrupting the smooth working of your water heater.

You can increase the life of your water heater by regularly checking the sacrificial anodes. As soon as they seem to catch rust, replace them with new ones to prevent heater failure beforehand.

  1. Broken Thermostat

Water heaters have a thermostat so that you can regulate optimum temperature. However, many times, the thermostat breaks due to rough use. This results in not getting water according to your preference as you cannot set the temperature.

You can replace the cut-off switch of the thermostats as they are readily available at affordable rates. Acquiring professional help for water heater inspection and installation of broken parts is advisable so they are perfectly fixed.

  1. Loose Parts

Have you inspected and ensured the smooth working of every part of your boiler during regular heater maintenance and still been unable to detect the fault? It is because there is no such fault at all.

If your water heater malfunctions despite regular maintenance, the reason could be loose parts or connections in your water heater. Dealing with technical appliances can be tough, and you can end up setting them in the wrong way. All you need to do is check for loose connections or parts not appropriately fixed in your water heater and seek technical help to fix them.

  1. Faulty Electric Connections

Water heating systems use about 17% of the energy consumed in a home. If you notice more or less energy going to your water heater, it calls for immediate attention, or the only option will be heater replacement.

Faulty electric connections prevent your water from heating up on time as there is no adequate power supply. This situation can arise due to several reasons, including;

  1. Low-quality electricity wires wear off easily and result in a break in the electric supply.
  2. Spark in wires or switches that disrupt smooth power supply.
  3. Fluctuation in power supply.
  4. Frayed, bent, or damaged wiring.
  5. Relying on a single power outlet for multiple appliances.

The best way is to check for faulty electric connections regularly and fix them before it is too late.

  1. Old Hot Water Heater

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety has revealed that water heater failure amounts to 20 percent of the total residential water loss episodes, whereas 69 percent results from sudden bursts or slow leaks.

The common reason for this is old and outdated water heaters. Overusing the water heater results in dangerous accidents, let alone no hot water in the house.

Following that, it is paramount to get a heater replacement after it has completed its average lifespan of about ten years, with regular repairs and maintenance.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another common reason that can mess up the smooth working of your hot water heater. You can prevent low water pressure by controlling the following:

  • Old pipes
  • Rusted spare parts
  • Faulty pressure regulator
  • A partially closed meter valve
  1. Wrong Placement

The placement of your water heater speaks volumes about how long it will take to warm the water. If there is a long distance between your water heater and shower, there are chances that it will take you longer to get warm water.

The best way is to install a small water heater in your shower room or kitchen to acquire warm water in minutes. This way, you will not have to wait hours to experience the bliss of showering under steamy waters.

Get Your Water Heater System To Work At Your Whim

No one likes to wait hours to get the warm shower of their dreams. Thus, it is best to conduct regular heater repairs and maintenance to ensure hot water runs through your pipes at all times.

Looking for a credible water heater company? Look no further! Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC provides top-tier water heater installation and repair services. Our team of licensed professionals fixes all the plumbing and drains-related woes in your personal and commercial spaces.

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