Water Filtration Systems


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Types of Water Filters

Iron Filters:

Capable of removing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration. This helps with brown water stains caused by the iron in water. It helps to reduce odors by removing the hydrogen sulfide.

Carbon Filters:

Improves taste and odor by reducing the amount of chlorine in the water. This helps with water systems that have a high chlorine content that can sometimes give off a bad taste in the water and a chlorine smell. It’s set up with an automatic regenerating cycle to making it easy for the homeowner. Varies in size based on the house size. Chlorine will cause the plastics in your toilets to harden, causing for repeated repair.

Water Softener

Helps with the hardness of water, typically wells have a higher content of hard water. It causes your faucets, shower heads, toilets, hose bibs to buildup inside restricting the flow of water. The filter softens the water with salt and has an automatic regenerating cycle. This one requires the adding of salt once levels are low.

UV Lights

We typically install UV lights on wells. UV lights are installed on homes that have a higher bacteria content in the water. It has to be installed with a filter system to allow for regenerating and disposal of bacteria. It works by shocking bacteria as it flows by the light killing it and providing cleaner drinking water to the home.

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