5 Different Types Of Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration System Types

Water is a necessity for human life. So it is a concern for many to know where it’s being sourced from. Since water makes up 70% of the human body, it’s vital for us to never compromise on its supply. Thus, people prioritize installing a high-quality water filter system in their homes.

A water filtration system gives people access to clean and healthy water, free of toxins, chemicals, and contaminants. There’s increased exposure to illness or disease without a proper water filtering system. Children, the elderly, and especially people with a poor immune system are at high risk of contracting deadly viruses and infections due to contaminated water.

Let’s discuss the importance of a water filtration system and its different types for various purposes.

What Is A Water Filtration System?

Water filtration removes the concentration of harmful chemical particles, including dust, bacteria, viruses, etc. The system contains a water softener responsible for the process of water filtering.

The whole process is done by reverse osmosis, in which the water is forced to go through filters. The filter allows the water to move along while ensuring that the contaminants and chemicals are left behind.  

The Importance Of Water Filtering Systems

Whether the water supply in your home comes from city lines or a neighborhood-based system, it’s crucial to ensure the water you use in your daily life is healthy and safe from prevalent contaminants. An efficient method to tackle such issues is to install a water filtration system.

Water filter systems deliver healthier and pure water than tap water; it’s also more cost-effective and safe than bottled water. Here are the benefits of installing a water filtering system:

  • Lower risk of diseases and other health-related issues
  • Saves money
  • Protection against unhealthy bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces frequent and unnecessary plumbing issues
  • Fewer deposition of limescale
  • Improve water taste

The 5 Types Of Water Filtration Systems

There are five different types of water filtration systems, and your choice of them will determine the quality of your water. Moreover, when tap or other water sources are no longer a reliable option, installing a water filtering system in your space becomes necessary to access clean and healthy water.

Every type of water filtration system addresses a different water issue. Many water filters are often used as a combination to deliver better filtration performance. Here are the different kinds of water filtering systems to choose from:

1. Mechanical Filters

The most basic and standard method of water filtration involves mechanical filters. It’s one of the most common water filtration systems in which the dirt, particles, or any chemicals are removed from the water using a barrier.

The water typically travels through the mechanical filter, and the waste particles are filtered through the synthetic foam and nylon floss. This type of water filtration system is often used as the pre-filtration method.

2. Ion Exchange Filters

Ion exchange filters are the best and most effective water filtering system. The system is designed to split the atoms of contaminated particles, including chemicals, dirt, etc., into ions by taking limescale. The process is best for softening and filtering the hard water with its ion water softener.

This system is often installed in commercial areas to make water digestible for applications where it can be stored at a constant low temperature.

Moreover, the ion exchange is operated through an ion exchange resin that comes in the arrangement of tiny beads. They serve as the filters and trap the necessary contaminants, replacing them with sodium ions that turn water into a clean and suitable form.

3. Reverse Osmosis Filters

Another remarkably effective method of purifying water is reverse osmosis (RO). Its process combines other water filtration systems such as mechanical and activated carbon filters to deliver water with fewer contaminants.

The process is executed by forcing the polluted water to go through a membrane at a specific pressure. The impure particles are left behind while the water is allowed to flow through.

Unfiltered and contaminated water is forced through a membrane to remove dissolved particles (e.g., magnesium, calcium, etc.). The water goes against its natural flow to push the polluted particles out of it. As a result, soft, clean, and digestible water is passed through. Reverse osmosis filters are mostly used in kitchen spaces.

4. Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters, also called absorption filters, are commonly installed in households. It’s a proven effective filtration method for confining water-borne particles. This type captures polluted particles so readily because it contains a massive internal surface filled with nooks and hooks, making it easier to trap water pollutants.

The activated carbon filters are a bit pricier as they also reduce the taste and odor in water from contaminants. The activated carbon in this filter are granules of charcoal that are extremely absorbent.

5. Ultra Violet Filters

Ultra-violet filters are a unique and helpful water filtration system that operates by divulging water into ultraviolet light. It makes killing pollutants, viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc., easier. This type of water filtering system runs on batteries and is lightweight.

However, they’re not a great choice if you’re looking to filter out heavy water with solid particles. Other than that, it’s excellent for removing tons of bacteria, dirt, and viruses.

These ultra-violet filters work by attracting the microbial cells of bacteria etc., to kill them directly, therefore, purifying drinking water. Using this filter in combination with other filter types to eradicate ubiquitous contaminants such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, and magnesium, delivers you clean, healthy, and soft water.

Ready To Make A Smart Investment?

We should never compromise on our health. It’s a universal fact that staying hydrated is necessary for a healthy life. The better the quality of water, the more benefits you will have.

Say goodbye to heavy, contaminated, and dirty water. Reach Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC to have lifetime access to clean water without fear of contamination. We provide a safe, cost-friendly, and convenient solution to delivering you quality.  If you’re interested in a water filtration system, then give us a call today at (704) 289-6858!

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