5 Ways To Find Hidden Water Leaks

Superior Plumbing and Drains 5 Ways To Find Hidden Water Leaks

Every commercial or residential place has a comprehensive system of water pipes. However, they can leak from time to time. 

Addressing water leaks in the early stage is the best choice; otherwise, there may come a time when they are beyond repairable.

However, finding water leaks in their initial stages can be tricky. The water line system in a building is so delicately placed that one cannot casually notice minor leaks when the pipe has just gotten damaged.

As a result, these damages usually do not show up until they reach disastrous levels. But it would be wrong to say that finding hidden water leaks in the ceiling, basement, or walls is impossible.

Hence, check the following context if you think something’s wrong with your office or house’s water line system and want to see any hidden water leaks.

Best Methods To Find Hidden Water Leaks

Let’s take a look at some of the best methods to find hidden water leaks:

Have A Look At Your Water Usage And Water Bills

One of the best methods to locate water leaks without opening and analyzing the entire waterline system is to look at your water usage or bill.

If four people live in a house or work in an office, and your water usage is above 12,000 gallons a month, then it is most probable that there is a leakage at your place.

Similarly, you can also check your water bills to analyze the same thing. On the bill, the number of utilized gallons is mentioned.

If it seems too much according to the number of people you have at your place, it is better to check your water pipes as they may have a leak.

Use A Water Leak Detector

One of the simplest methods for pinpointing leaks is to check the waterline system with a water leak detector. These detectors can sense the presence of water.

Thus, the detector will indicate a leakage when positioned where water is not present.

Besides, if you opt for advanced water leak detection equipment with a Wi-Fi feature, you can even receive leakage notifications over your mobile.

However, these advanced leak sensors are mainly used by plumbers and are not mandatory for casual usage.

Look Out For Signs Of Water Leakages

Another excellent method to look out for water leaks around the house, shop, or office is by looking out for signs that indicate leakages and problems with the waterline system.

Here are some of the most notable signs:

  •         Visible mold or its smell around the place
  •         Discoloration of paint
  •         Swelling of wood due to water leaks in the ceiling
  •         Swelling of wood plastered on walls

If you witness any of such things or other factors, reach out to a water leak detection.

These companies have professional water leak detection tools that quickly highlight the problem area.

While checking, if they find such water leaks, they can repair them immediately.

Use The Food Coloring Technique

One of the most tried home remedies for locating hidden water leaks is using food coloring in the tank. When you color the tank water, it will go through the entire waterline system of the place.

When passing the pipes, it will leak through cracked or damaged areas.

In this way, hidden water leaks will be efficiently located without investing and distorting the waterline system.

Check If The Outdoor Faucet And Pipes Are Faulty

While seeking hidden leaks, people only look inside the house. However, do not forget to check garage taps, outdoor faucets, and other outdoor water systems during your search for leaks.

Sometimes, the problem can be located outdoors, but people stress seeking indoors. Just like indoor leakages, outdoor ones can also remain hidden.

Thus, the food coloring method can also be used to locate them. Besides, you can also see if the grass under the faucet is wet.

Hence, these recommended methods can help you quickly locate the hidden water leaks around your place.

How To Deal With Water Leakage?

It will be fine if the water leakage is minor and you know how to do ‘water leaks repair’ using DIY methods. However, it would be a temporary fix. For a permanent solution, turn to professionals for water leaks repair.

Also,  if you cannot locate the critical problem or the task seems too complicated, immediately call for a water leak detection company. They have professional water leak detection equipment to efficiently fix your place’s waterline system.

Remember, ignoring leaks can be disastrous as one damaged pipe can also affect others. Thus, one by one, the entire waterline system will start disrupting.

Delaying their repair will not only increase the damage, but it will be costlier as well.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, now you know that leaks can be detected via various DIY methods, home remedies, general observations, and by using a water leak detector.

However, if it seems too complicated of a task or your previous fixes didn’t last for long, it would be best to seek professional services from a capable water leak detection company, like Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC.

We provide comprehensive water leaks services to ensure that the issue is efficiently solved within your budget. Contact us today for more information by calling us at (704) 289-6858.  

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