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Switching to a high-efficiency tankless heater from the traditional storage heaters just might be the smartest move you can make for affordable living.  Not only can you save up to 50% energy costs this way, but you also get limitless access to hot water.

Moreover, tankless water heaters can last easily for over 20 years, which is a lot longer than conventional storage heaters that have 10-15 years of life expectancy at best. An added benefit of having this appliance in your home is that it requires very little maintenance and occupies even less space.

Let’s learn more about tankless water heaters and their benefits:

Gas Vs. Electric Tankless Heaters

Though there’re several differences between the two, the efficiency of a tankless heater really helps it stand apart. Here’s a quick peek at the two types of tankless water heaters we can help you with:

Gas Tankless Heaters

These are safe and last longer than most of the conventional water heaters. Plus, they’re affordable and cheap to run. Not to mention, they’re 80-85% more energy efficient than the traditional heaters.

Electric Tankless Heaters

These take up very little space, so if you are cramped for space in your home, this may be the right choice for you. Also, tankless electric models have the edge over the gas water heaters; they’re 98% more energy efficient.

All in all, a tankless water heater can easily give you 2 to 5 gallons of hot water per minute. However, gas-fired versions have a higher flow rate than electric alternatives.

Still not convinced of tankless water heater benefits?

Let’s explore its advantages:

4 Benefits Of Our Top Tankless Water Heaters

As the experts at Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC will let you know, tankless water heater benefits are numerous over their counterparts, traditional water heaters, and can last longer than you could imagine!

Here’re a few benefits of the tankless water heater:

Affordable Energy Costs

Many homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area turn to tankless heaters because they are tired of the energy bills.

A traditional water heater consumes energy non-stop to keep the 30 to 55-gallon storage heated and ready if you need it.

However, this isn’t the case with a tankless water heater. It heats water as and when required and doesn’t maintain a water tank that needs to be kept at a specific temperature 24/7. This way, you no longer have to deal with standby losses that occur with continuous reheating.

In a tankless heater, it all happens simultaneously. When you turn on the tap or the shower, the water flows through the heat exchanger, where it gets heated either by an electric or the gas-fired burner coils.

As the water gets heated, which takes no more than a few seconds, it runs through the pipes to reach where it’s needed.

How Much Will It Save?

You can save between 8% to 50% energy with your tankless water heater, which reflects very well on the resulting energy bills.

However, it is important to note that the real efficiency level is linked to the daily usage. So here’s how much you can save (in percentage) depending on your home’s daily water needs:

  • 41 gallons: 24% – 34% more energy efficient
  • 86 gallons: 8% – 14% more energy efficient
  • In case you’ve got a water heater installation at every outlet, you can easily save between 27% – 50% in energy costs

Here’s a fact you can’t ignore: a Charlotte water heater installed by the Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC can help you save up to $100 per year

Limitless Supply Of Hot Water

Consider this scenario:

You just got back from a day trip to the beach, and everyone needs a shower ASAP. If you’re the last in line for the shower, you may find yourself stuck with cold water (that’s because, by the third consecutive shower, hot water runs low).

But, if you’ve got a tankless water heater, that won’t be your problem because you’ll still have hot running water no matter how many people went through the shower before you.

Here’s how:

Tankless heaters have a high flow rate, and they heat water on the go.

And since these take the water from an external source and provide it throughout the house in real-time, you can take a shower for as long as you like without worrying about hot water running low.

Occupy Little Space

Tankless water heaters are small enough to be hung on the kitchen or bathroom walls.

A 35 to 55-gallon cylindrical storage tank heater can be 5 to 6 feet tall, with a diameter of 20 inches. However, your average tankless heater is only 2.5 to 3 feet tall, with an 18-inch diameter, and it’s rectangular in shape.

Moreover, where a storage water heater occupies a floor space usually in the basement, the tankless heater can be mounted to a wall just like the house circuit breaker.

No, Leakage, Deposits, Or Damages

Storage tank heaters can develop hard mineral deposits within a few months of installation. This buildup can compromise the tank’s efficiency, and by the time you realize there’s a problem, the bottom of the tank has begun to corrode and leak.

However, if you’ve got a tankless heater, there’s nothing to worry about because there isn’t a tank there in the first place. This also means that there’s no danger of flooding or leakage.

You’ve to keep in mind that tankless water heaters may have their own issues, such as rusting pipes and loose drain valves, etc. But the intensity of resulting leaks is minor and they are easy to fix.

Tankless Water Heater Plumbing And Water Heater Installation In Charlotte, NC

Gone are the days of big, bulky, and cumbersome storage water heaters. Get yourself a tankless water heater to get nonstop hot water running through all the taps at all times.

Our plumbers are only a call away, and we can help you install and repair the unit. Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC provides affordable services to thousands of homeowners throughout Charlotte, NC and in surrounding areas.

With 30 years of successful plumbing services, we’re a household name for water heater repair, installation, and plumbing services in Charlotte, NC.

If you want to know more about these services, contact us today!

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