7 Signs You Have A Water Leak

Water Leak Bucket

Leaks are common in plumbing. They’re aggravating because plumbing works are usually invisible, hidden behind walls and kept out of eyesight. It’s impossible to notice when water starts trickling out of cracks or fissures in the pipes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rip out your walls to determine whether you need a plumber. Water leaks make their presence known in several ways. Conscientious homeowners on the lookout for these symptoms may be able to get them repaired before the damage becomes unmanageable. The longer these signs take to get acknowledged, the bigger the risk of a more serious issue in the future.

Here are seven potential signs that you may need emergency water leak repair.

Your water bill is more expensive

In the eyes of your utility company, leaking water is water that’s used. If your daily water usage hasn’t changed but you notice a big jump in what you owe, it’s an indicator that there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

Water leaks can account for almost 14% of your typical water use. On the average customer’s monthly bill of $70, that equals a jump of $9.80. That’s a significant increase, particularly if a leak is left unfixed for a few months.

To double-check your water usage between bills, find your home’s water meter and monitor it regularly. If it’s running higher but your water use habits aren’t changing, you may need work on your pipes or water faucet repair.

Your water pressure is lower

If your kitchen faucet or bathroom shower is annoyingly light in water pressure, or if your toilet seems to be taking a longer time to refill, the cause could be a leak. Water escaping through a crack in the pipe doesn’t flow to its usual outlets, causing the water to come out with less force.

Low water pressure could indicate several different problems, including partially closed water valves and clogged or corroded pipes. But a sizable leak is also a very strong possibility.

You notice mold growth or mildew stains

Leaks in pipes situated beneath walls, floors, or ceilings can stimulate the growth of mold. In turn, this results in visible stains on the surfaces inside your home. You may often notice an unpleasant, musty smell that can only be mildew.

Water pipes are natural and convenient places for mold to grow. They’re in high-humidity spots with no light exposure and virtually no regular cleaning attention. Mold spores can scatter among the house through the vents of your heating and air conditioning system, where they can cause damage to physical possessions and create health risks.

Keep your eyes and nose alert. If you sense the presence of mold, there’s a lot of moisture accumulating somewhere. It’s likely a spot where your pipes are leaking.

You see cracks in the walls

Even a small water leak can be a destructive force. Over time, if your home’s foundation is consistently exposed to water, it can eat away at its structure. This can be especially frustrating because it’s almost impossible to notice it while it’s happening. But the gradual misalignment of your foundation can cause wall structures to shift, buckle, and potentially collapse.

If you notice cracks developing in sections of your walls — especially vertical or diagonal ones — leaking water may be causing your foundation to erode. This is an excellent time to consult a plumber.

You notice other signs of water damage

Mildew stains and foundation cracks aren’t the only visible signs of possible water damage in your house. Any place near a leak is susceptible to water damage, especially if the physical signs appear gradually during seasons that don’t see a lot of rain or snow.

Peeling paint or wallpaper, warped walls or doors, wet carpeting, buckling floors, and spongy ceilings or walls are all signs of pooling water. You may also notice some material changes, like cracks in ceramic tiles, or peeling vinyl or linoleum.

Again, left untreated over a long time, even the smallest leak can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and surfaces. Anytime you notice signs of rot or decay, consider calling a plumber.

You notice spots in your lawn that are greener or overgrown

Not all homeowners take an aggressive approach to taking care of their lawns. Especially for those who don’t, lawn areas that appear to be more verdant or green than other areas may indicate the presence of extra water underneath the surface. An underground leak could be to blame.

For those who do perform regular lawn maintenance, a lawn section that’s growing more vigorously or feels wetter than other parts may have a water leak under those patches. Just because it’s outside doesn’t mean it can’t cause a great deal of damage — these spots could develop harmful bacterial growths that could destroy the rest of your lawn.

You hear strange sounds when you’re not running any water

Leaky pipes can also result in symptoms that you hear, not just ones you see or smell. The sudden presence of a hissing or “whooshing” sound, or a noise that sounds like rattling pipes, could indicate either a crack that’s sprung or a loose-fitted pipe.

It’s common to hear water running through the pipes in your home, but if you can hear it when you’re not running your faucets, taps, or toilet, there may be a leak causing the noise. Isolate the spot where the sound is most prominent before you call a plumber — doing so well help them target its location and get to work more quickly.

Quality water leak repair in Charlotte NC

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