5 Emergency Plumbing Tools You Should Have in Your Home

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When it comes to plumbing repair, maintenance, and emergency assistance, having the right team by your side can make all the difference. At Superior Plumbing & Drains, LLC, we proudly offer 24/7 commercial plumbing and residential services our customers can count on.

Our team of experienced technicians takes care of homes and businesses across Charlotte, NC, whenever plumbing issues arise. When you need a local emergency plumber, we’re only a phone call away.

Do you need help with drains, tankless water heaters, installation, or plumbing repair in Charlotte, NC? We handle it all with ease. Our emergency plumbing service is designed to provide peace of mind while our maintenance appointments keep home and business plumbing systems at their best without interruptions to your daily life.

Making an Emergency Plumbing Kit

At Superior Plumbing & Drains, LLC, we make it simple to find a commercial plumber in Charlotte, NC, when you need one most. That said, we also recommend homeowners keep essential plumbing tools on hand for those issues they just might be able to tackle independently. The following are five items to keep in mind when you’re putting your home plumbing emergency kit together.


Keeping a plunger in your home is a good idea. Most common or ordinary plumbing issues that pop up from time to time warrant plunging. Having a plunger readily available is extremely useful when dealing with an overflowing toilet and waiting for a technician to arrive.

While it’s easy to assume those plungers are perfect for toilets exclusively, you can also use them to unclog other drains in a business or residence. Having a few on hand can be helpful when it comes to quickly unclogging sinks, garbage disposals, and even showers and floor drains.

Just make sure that the plungers you have in your home are the right size to create a tight seal over the drain in question. This will give you the suction you need to resolve clogs.


Having a pair of pliers in your emergency plumbing arsenal can serve you in a pressure-filled plumbing dilemma. Tongue and groove pliers are the perfect solution for dealing with nuts and bolts of different sizes and can fix pipe leaks of all types.

If a pipe in your home suddenly springs a leak, you can also use pliers as a makeshift clamp until the professionals arrive to deal with the issue. They’re a versatile tool that will prove handy time and again.

Basin Wrench

Heading over to your local home goods supplier and picking up a basin wrench is vital if you want to create a comprehensive and effective at-home plumbing emergency kit. A basin wrench (sometimes called a sink wrench) has a long handle that makes it easy to reach pipes in awkward or precarious places.

The head of a basin wrench is designed for easy gripping, making it simple to turn even if you can’t be in an ideal position to reach a leak or burst. A basin wrench will make it easier to get water under control while you wait for your technician to arrive.


Likely, you’ve heard of this emergency plumbing tool referred to as a snake. Amongst professionals, it’s called an auger, and it’s an essential part of any emergency plumbing kit.

Augers are designed to fit seamlessly into clogged drains and remove debris without arming surrounding material. The corkscrew end is fitted to a flexible cord, making it easy to maneuver around difficult clogs and blockages.

From hair and food particles to any other type of blocking debris, an auger can clear a path that will let water flow through drains once again. While a traditional auger will work well on drains and sinks, larger augers are also designed specifically for toilets.

Pipe Wrench 

In plumbing systems, as with nearly all appliances in a home, natural wear and tear is to be expected. Eventually, nuts, bolts, and pipes will age to a point where they can’t be clamped or closed and require repairs or replacements. That’s where a pipe wrench comes in handy.

A pipe wrench is specially designed to handle hex nuts that have become too rounded or smooth to grip over time. While it’s similar to a tongue and groove pair of pliers, a pipe wrench’s capabilities go beyond just tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. The wrench’s bite allows it to grab these important components with ease, even when time has taken its toll on their quality.

This can prevent flooding as homeowners wait for their technicians to come and assist. A pipe wrench is certainly a useful tool to add to the emergency kit lineup.

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