What To Do If Your Basement Floods

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

A homeowners’ worst nightmare is their basement getting flooded; we all know how agitating this situation could be. However, sometimes you need to take precautions that could prevent damage and threats when your basement is flooded.

The best way to deal with basement flooding is to plan. Get your drainage system checked regularly. Avoid using unnecessary fixtures and fittings. If the basement has sewage lines, don’t put these pipes down into the earth. This would be not only dangerous but also hazardous.

Be conscious of nature’s power, as rains and storms can cause flooding in your basement. Ensure your walls are adequately protected. These tips will help prevent water damage to your property. If you have read this guide to learn a few ways how you can prepare yourself and tackle the problem.

What To Do When Your Basement Floods

A flooded basement can cause a lot of panic in the house. It is not only a matter of furniture getting destroyed or maybe an unpleasant odor in the house that is difficult to get rid of. Basement flooding can cause a lot more issues, which can go as far as becoming life threatening.

Most homes have their circuit box in the basement and in case of flooding this can become a major issue. Furthermore, flooding can damage and weaken the foundation of your house which tends to cause more issues.

Panic is not a solution and you need to stay level headed and work towards solving the problem. Here are some of the steps to take when your basement floods?

Immediately Call Your Electrician And Plumber

You should first know whom to call when your basement floods. Call your electrician because, in a flooding situation, the biggest threat is open electric connections and wires, this type of negligence can result in fatal accidents. Once your electrician has ensured it is safe to enter, call your plumber to fix any leaks, drains, or pipes.

Take Electrical Appliances Out Of The Basement

Another vital precaution is to avoid placing any electrical equipment in the basement. That way, even if water begins trickling through your basement, it won’t have the chance to get through the wires. Ensure your electrical goods in the basement are stored away in waterproof boxes. That being said, removing all electronic gadgets during basement flooding is advised.

Keep An Extra Source Of Light With You

Consider having a waterproof torch in your basements to ensure a reliable light source if you lose power. For safety precautions, you may not turn the electricity on even after the water is cleared from the basement.

Apply For A Flood Insurance

If you find your basement is underwater, it’s wise to get flood insurance coverage. If you cannot come up with financial solutions to fix the damages caused by sinking, you could consult an attorney to get the money you want back to your property if your commercial property has basements. However, flood insurance covers the following:

  • Plumbing and electric system
  • Water heater and furnaces
  • Window blinds
  • Electric appliances, stoves, refrigerators.
  • Damages to walls, staircases, and floor
  • Carpeting and wood structure (cabinets, bookcases, and others)

Unlike commercial liability coverage, flood insurance does not cover the costs of defending against any legal claims over negligence.

Fortify Your Basement Flooring

If you are concerned about the basement floor getting damaged by water, there are different types of flooring in each building. Different types of buildings require different flooring materials.

More than half of the floor space in the underground area can be affected by flooding. So it should be covered in with materials like vinyl, which is an effective material in preventing damage from floods in the basement.

If your basement flooring is not protected, small water pockets can be formed under the basement whenever the water floods the basement. It can cause significant damage and threats to the basement and your entire house. That’s why it’s essential to choose wisely when choosing which material you should select to cover your basement floor.

Conduct Research On Your Location

Rain and tropical weather are the reasons that can cause floods in basements; it can be pretty stressful; however, the flooding situation can vary from one location to another.

The severity of a flood depends on the location. For example, if you live in Manhattan, you experience frequent rains contributing to flooding all year round. On the other hand, Miami, Florida, has tropical weather and heavy rainfall that can cause flooding.

How Homeowners Can Prepare For Basement Floods

Basement flooding can be problematic, and homeowners could be looking at a huge price tag to repair damages if proper precautions are not taken. Most homeowners use weather strips to protect their homes from storm water. A better alternative is buying a barrier to block off the area where the flood or rainwater can enter your home.

Even though this method doesn’t always completely stop flooding, it does reduce its impact on your property. There are several ways to prepare yourself ahead of a flood to minimize the impact. These steps include:

  • Removing electronics stored in the basement.
  • Fortifying your walls and flooring to avoid long-term damage and erosion.
  • Checking basement pipes to see if there are any water leaks.
  • Use protective furniture covers to eliminate the risk of damages.
  • Protect flooring by using plywood (while not waterproof, it offers a significant amount of water resistance).
  • Place tape across your TV and appliances to prevent the floodwaters from getting inside.
  • Stay safe when passing through the affected area and turn off all electronics and lights before leaving the basement.
  • Cover your basement floor with waterproof material.


Basement flooding can be an extremely unfortunate issue for anyone. But once the problem is identified and addressed, this can be avoided. Hopefully, these steps will help you when facing a basement flood.

Being prepared is the most important thing you could ever do. We hope we provide enough information to prevent you from worrying about a basement flood, so take care of your safety while living in a tropical environment or during heavy rainfalls. Call Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC today at (704) 289-6858.

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