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There are a variety of drain cleaning solutions out there but not all are created equal in terms of environmental safety. When most people think of drain cleaning, they envision pouring chemicals down clogged or blocked drains in order to solve the problem. While these chemicals aren’t necessarily damaging to pipes, they do prove harmful to the environment. A high pressure jetter is known for being one of, if not the most, environmentally friendly ways to clean your drains.

Today, Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC will be explaining to you how a drain jetter works, why it is one of the most environmentally friendly drain cleaning options available, and why you should consider regular jetting services for your home or business. As North Carolina’s best plumbing company, our experienced plumbers have the knowledge necessary to answer all of your questions about all forms of plumbing jetters. Let’s get started!

What is a Drain Jetter?

Drain jetters are a form of plumbing equipment used to blast water through blocked or clogged pipes at high pressure. This form of drain cleaning is considered to be one of the most effective plumbing methods available to clear blockages and perform regular drain maintenance. When a pressure jet drain cleaner is used on your pipes, a nozzle is fed into the pipe and water pressure reaching up to 3,500 PSI propels it forward.

This extent of pressure works well in cutting directly through build up, cleaning the pipe and clearing the way for normal operation. This leads to a better functioning plumbing system overall and the convenience of jetting cannot be understated. While other drain cleaning methods involve more intrusive methods of reaching the pipe, jetting enables you to leave the pipe in-ground, eliminating the need for higher costs and the hassle of cleanup and repair.

How Environmentally Friendly Are Drain Jetters?

A clogged drain is no small problem. Aside from being incredibly inconvenient, a clogged drain can also cause water to back up in your pipes, damaging them. There is also a significant risk of  health issues associated with the buildup of accumulated waste.

While nobody wants to wake up to a clogged drain, the way that you handle the issue is important. Not only are some methods more effective than others, some are more environmentally-friendly as well. In order to truly understand the environmental benefits associated with drain jetters, we must first discuss the harmful impact that other drain cleaning solutions have on the environment.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Many homeowners and business owners opt to use a chemical drain cleaner when the issue of clogged drains arise. Not only are chemical drain cleaners found just under your sink, they are also well-known for being cheap, quick, and easy to use. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons that a chemical drain cleaner is far from the perfect drain cleaning solution.

One of the biggest downsides to using chemical drain cleaners is that they can actually cause further damage to your plumbing system. Considering that chemical drain cleaners work to clear blockages by way of a chemical reaction, these cleaners are caustic and can burn away more than just debris. Many chemical drain cleaners are known for eating away at plastic plumbing in PVC.

The second biggest issue associated with chemical drain cleaners, and the subject of this article, is that they are harmful to the environment. Not only are chemical drain cleaners toxic to you, they are also toxic to the environment. After all, after pouring a chemical drain cleaner down your drain, it has to go somewhere. When exposed to the properties found in most household chemical drain cleaners, local wildlife, plants, and water can be severely negatively impacted. As is the case with humans, chemical drain cleaners are toxic to animals. It has even been argued that the use of chemical drain cleaners may contribute to smog!

Jetting: The More Environmentally Friendly Drain Cleaning Solution

So what’s the difference in environmental impact between chemical drain cleaners and the use of high pressure jetters? As it turns out, the difference is significant. Homeowners and business owners who are conscious of their impact on the environment will be happy to hear that jetting is a completely environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution. But how?

Clean Water

The first reason that jetting is a more environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution is the fact that the process utilizes only clean water. Instead of using the harmful, toxic properties found in chemical drain cleaners, jetting uses clean water to break through blockages.

In many cases, the water used in jetting can even be reused! If the water can’t be successfully reused, it can easily be disposed of in a manner that is ethically responsible and safe, producing no harmful impact on the environment.

Can Be Used Indoors

Another benefit associated with the use of jetting to clean pipes and eliminate blockages is the fact that jetters can actually be used indoors. When running on propane, a cleaner form of fuel, a total of 36 times fewer pollutants are released into the air. This means that jetters can be used safely indoors in order to unblock drain lines connected to sinks, toilets, and showers.

Contact Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC For Jetting Services

Now that you understand why jetting is a much safer, environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution, it’s time to take the next step in clearing blockages and increasing the longevity of your plumbing system. Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC’s jetting services go a long way in increasing the life of your home or business’s plumbing and our expert plumbers are on standby to help. For more information about our jetting services, visit our Jetting Services page!

Contact us at (704) 289-6858 with any questions and our team will be happy to assist you.

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