Clogged Drain

Of all of the various plumbing problems that you might face in your home, line blockages are one of the most frustrating. Blocked lines can lead to serious damage that can cost you thousands of dollars. They are also responsible for secondary issues, such as clogged drains, and can even result in a contaminated water supply. A typical drain clog can be cleared with traditional tools, such as a snake. However, snakes do not work well when you’re trying to clear drains through softer debris like grease. The best tool for grease-related clogs is a drain jetter.

What is a Jetter?

A jetter or pressure jet drain cleaner is a specialized plumbing tool that is used to clear your pipes. Jetters are very powerful and work by employing high-pressure water jets to clear any obstructions from your pipes. They are useful for residential and commercial applications. Plumbers can even use a plumbing jetter on larger municipal sewage systems.   

What Powers a Jetter?

Among the power source options for jetters, diesel is the most effective. They are extremely versatile and durable. These jetters are much larger and are mounted to a trailer or a rack in the bed of a truck. The pressure is adjustable so that it can meet the needs of any job. 

Larger lines, such as the main sewage line of your building, may require a high-pressure diesel jetter.  Commercial jetters are also used for municipal sewer lines. They require water reserves to guard against outworking the water supply found at the job site.

Despite their size, diesel-powered jetters are a great option for indoor use, as well. They often include hydraulic hose reels with speed control options so that the line can be fed into your clogged pipes. The hoses are several hundred feet long and can reach any plumbing inside or outside of your residence. Different hose sizes can be attached to the jetter to fit within pipes of a smaller diameter, too.

What Causes Clogged Plumbing Lines?

While there are many potential causes of clogged plumbing lines, they can be divided into one of four categories:  Hair, grease/food waste, foreign objects, or plant roots. An accumulation of any of these types of debris can result in blockages that require the use of a general water jetter. However, grease and foreign objects tend to be the worst offenders.

Plants are drawn to water sources. Over time, the roots of a plant can infiltrate your pipes and cause leaks. The roots can also collect other types of obstructions and form a complete blockage. Jetters are useful for breaking up roots, but you may need additional repairs if cracks are present in your pipes.

Hair accumulates in your drains when members of your household bathe or shower. This hair will eventually clog up your drain lines. However, hair-related blockages can usually be cleared out with a snake or another tool. Severe cases can require the use of a jetter.

Grease and food waste result in drain line clogs. The primary source of grease clogs will be from your sink or dishwasher, but some grease is also drained into your plumbing lines from your washing machine.  These types of clogs are some of the most difficult to remove, due to the characteristics of grease.

Grease is both soft and tacky, which means that it will adhere to your pipe walls. Snakes will typically just poke a small hole in the food waste but will not be able to remove the clog. Grease blockages are most often found at the places where your pipe bends or turns. The most efficient way to remove these obstructions is through the use of a high-pressure jetter.

The fourth cause of drain blockages is foreign objects. Whether your little one flushed their favorite toy down the drain by “accident” or you used one too many “flushable” wipes, these odd items can cause stubborn clogs. Jetters can dislodge toys or break up an accumulated bundle of wipes much more easily than other tools can.

What is Considered to Be a Plumbing Emergency?

Any plumbing problem can disrupt your day-to-day routine. However, certain issues should be considered to be an emergency, as they require prompt attention. As a general rule, any disruption in water service that poses a risk of damage warrants a call to a professional plumber. Here is a list of the five most common plumbing emergencies:

  • No running water
  • Water heater failure
  • Stopped up drain
  • Backed up sewer
  • Burst pipe

Of these five frequently encountered issues, three of them are related to blockages or clogs in your lines. A lack of running water and sewer back-ups can result in burst pipes if they are ignored.

While a stopped-up drain may sound like it’s an easy fix, it is important that clearing is handled appropriately. You should avoid dumping a bottle of caustic drain cleaner in your sink or shower. These cleaners do not address the root of the problem and can even be very dangerous. If the cleaner does not clear the blockage, the plumber that responds will have to contend with your clog and the harmful cleaner.

The easier approach for these types of blockages is to contact a professional plumber. They can clear out your drain with a line jetter and get your plumbing lines working in no time. Jetters are much safer than harmful drain cleaners. They are also environmentally friendly because they only use water to clear your lines.

Jetter Services Near Me

If you are experiencing clogged lines, then you may benefit from jetter services. While you can purchase a jetter yourself, these devices are very expensive and can damage your pipes if improperly used. That is why it is best to leave this task to the experienced plumbers at Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC.  

Our professionals are available day or night for all of your plumbing needs. We offer fast, award-winning service when you need it most. Contact us today and experience the Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC difference!

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