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Water leaks are unexpected and costly to deal with, from the water bill going sky high to damage on your property these issues shouldn’t be left to a mediocre plumber. Call Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC today and we’ll alleviate your Charlotte Water Leaks headaches for good.
We can fix small leaks in an hour while larger leaks may take four hours or more.
We train and verify each employee to ensure you are getting the best plumber for the job.
We are licensed, bonded, and insured to complete any plumbing task with our professional 24-hour plumbers.
We give warranties on all new installs standing behind our work for years.

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Charlotte is the most highly populated city in the state of North Carolina and ranks as one of the top 20 most populous cities in the whole country of the United States. The city boasts being the home of professional sports teams such as the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets.  It is a huge city for culture and business.

Charlotte Water Leaks

Leaks on your house can give you a headache unlike any other; one day, you receive a bill in the mail that is far larger than you could have possible anticipated, only to discover that it was caused by a flapper on your toilet. Your water cost can increase by twofold if you have an old toilet flapper that isn’t holding water. Toilet flappers are the rubber components of the toilet that release the water that has been held in order to flush the toilet. The release of minute amounts of water that have accumulated over the course of a month due to a flapper obstruction or damage might cause your bill to skyrocket. It is also very hard to catch this if you don’t know what to look for but lucky for you, Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC, are experts at spotting water leaks. This is one of the simplest issues and a very common one for high water bills.

Leak in the house

Leaks that are found in your walls, ceilings, slab, crawlspace, and floorboards are among the most destructive types of leaks. If you have an emergency, call us, your 24-hour plumber, as we have plumbers waiting to take your call. While these leaks are sometimes simple to find, they are not always simple to fix. Leaks in your crawl area are the hardest to uncover because most homeowners have never even seen it and don’t bother to look. As they accumulate in the crawl space, mold and mildew can develop. Mold can start to develop and spread 48 hours after a water leak in a wall creates a breeding habitat for it. Although it is usually simple to locate ceiling leaks, doing so requires the most extensive sheetrock cutting. The plumber needs to make room because working on the ceiling is a challenging situation. A water restoration specialist may need to be brought in if the water intrusion is severe enough to risk further damage or the spread of mold throughout the house.

Slab Leak

The most challenging Charlotte water leak to repair is a slab leak. Finding them and even realizing you have one are incredibly challenging tasks. They typically don’t surface for a very long period because they are under the concrete. To make the repair, the leaky pipe must be discovered and revealed by removing concrete. This indicates that the floors will rise and that the process of getting to the pipe will start. The concrete must be broken up using a jackhammer, and the dirt must be manually dug. Due to the time and effort required to uncover a line like this, slab leaks are quite expensive. Normally, home insurance companies will cover the expense of removing the concrete but not the pipe repair.

Yard Leaks

Your yard will be the site of yet another typical type of water leak. Every house has a water pipe that brings either well water or city water into the house. The N.C. Plumbing code stipulates that these must be buried 18 inches deep. Usually, it’s simple to identify water leaks in the yard. Despite the fact that they are frequently repairable, we have always advised replacing the line. In your yard, a repair is merely a stopgap; as we usually say, if it leaks once, it leaks again. Particularly true of water lines is this remark. We must dial 811 to find your utility lines, including gas, electrical, internet, and cable, in order to install a standard water line. After finding them, you can safely dig in your yard without disturbing these lines. We will dig up with a shovel the area in front of your meter and where the water line will enter your home. We take our new line underneath the house to connect to the mainline that already exists there on crawlspaces. After lines have been identified and dug, we start digging with our mini-excavator. working my way up to your house, starting at the meter. Our team members are skilled professionals who have received training on this excavator. After being dug, the water line’s PRV, shut-off, and box will be fitted. High water pressure causes stress on the new line and fixtures throughout the house, which the PRV will lessen. 18 inches of depth will be used to prevent freezing throughout our winters. After installation and inspection, we cover the line again and, if the homeowner so requests, spread down grass seed and hay straw.

Improving your water lines lifespan

PRV (City water only)

All new home nowadays must have a PRV, or pressure reducing valve. A residence should have a pressure of 80 psi or less; PRVs will lower it to 80 – 65 psi, protecting the entire system. The city is required to increase the pressure in a particular area as population increases and new dwellings are constructed. You should get a new PRV now while Charlotte, North Carolina is still booming, or you might regret it later. Moreover, this pressure will rise more at night, when it is least used. Without a PRV, this can happen and impact every water pipe in your house. Installations in a separate meter box with a shut-off should be placed in front of your city meter, as advised by our firm. This will safeguard both the interior fittings of your home and the entire line that enters it.

Well switches, tanks and more.

Wells operate somewhat differently than city water but ultimately achieve the same goal. water transportation from one location to another. A well pump and a few more tools are used in this procedure to extract the water from the ground and deliver it to your house. The pump, bladder tank, and pressure switch are the typical components of a well. You get water because of these 3 essential ingredients. A set volume of water is held in the bladder tank, which also maintains pressure, thanks to the pump that raises the water. Then, the well switch activates and pushes the water to you at a specific Pressure. These systems must always function as a unit. The line is then run to your residence from a well house. The water is pressured by a tank set at a particular PSI, so a PRV is not necessary. Every two years, a comprehensive inspection of this system is advised.

Expansion Tank

An equipment called an expansion tank is used to control the pressure brought on by thermal expansion. As water is heated by a water heater, the water expands, increasing pressure and taxing the system. Due to its balloon-like interior, the expansion tank is able to withstand this increased pressure. Contact Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC today by calling us at (704) 289-6858 to take care of your Charlotte Water Leaks issues! Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC is located in Monroe, NC.

Charlotte Testimonials

“Hi! Brian did a great job and was totally professional. He replaced cartridges in my bathtub faucets, and diagnosed another problem underlying the first that was actually causing the issues. Thanks!” – Scott Williams

“Christopher was so kind and worked very hard. Superior was happy to come out on short notice and got the job done!!” – Sandi Mills

“Brandon was excellent. Personable, did a great job of explaining everything and most important all solved the problem.” – Patricia Goolsby

Charlotte Water Leaks

Water leaks can be some of the most disastrous issues a homeowner can deal with. Acting fast by contacting a qualified plumber can save you thousands in repair, don’t let the water sit and call us to take care of your problem for good.
How quickly can you fix my issue?

A small leak can be taken care of within an hour while larger leaks can take a full day to repair.

How much do your services cost?

We charge a $45 service fee to give an estimate on your water leak to be waived at the time of work. Without seeing the size of a water leak we cannot accurately give a price on repairing your Charlotte Water Leak.

How do I prevent the issue from happening again?

Pressure, Water Quality, and Age are the three main factors to consider when preventing future leaks. PRV deals with the pressure, water filter deals with the quality and both improve the lifespan of your water line.

  • Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Expansion Tank
  • Water Filter

Financing Options

At Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC, we always look for ways to help our customers.  No matter if it’s through a variety of plumbing options or ways to pay their bill.  We have teamed up with Wells Fargo to offer you some great financing options, subject to credit approval, on your next plumbing project!

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Superior Plumbing and Drains, LLC is now offering a $50 Referral Bonus to any plumbing jobs over $500!  If you refer someone whose plumbing job totals $500 or more, we will write you a $50 check!

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  • Avatar Gabriel Strizzi ★★★★★ 3 days ago
    Superior plumbing is an excellent organization we have used them for years. Their customer service always seems to get back to me if I need something and we just recently had them install a hybrid hot water tank. This was a job that was … More a little bit more technical than a regular hot water tank and they did it with ease and at a fair price to both Us and them. We are still waiting for the inspection of the permitting process with Union county and I don't expect any problems. From our experience with this organization we will continue to use them in the future.
  • Avatar Karen Hinson ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Superior Plumbing arrived the day we called about our water heater. The technicians that came were Michael and Alex who were professional and knowledgeable. The business owner Tim also came by to assist his crew. They worked late and we … More had hot water by the end of the day. All the people at Superior seemed dedicated to provide the best service possible which was a blessing to us.
  • Avatar Fredrine Moore ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    I was very pleased with the service from Superior Plumbing and Drains from start to finish.
    Most companies advertise that they are available 24/7 and they are not. I actually contact 3 other companies before finding this company.
    I called
    … More at 12:15am, was emailed at 12:38am and the technician was at my house at 12:50am. Michael came in and assessed the problem, gave an estimate, made the repair and was finished by 1:15am.
    Michael was very professional and he knows his stuff. If you ever need plumbing services, please contact Superior Plumbing and Drains. Ask for Michael.
  • Avatar L S ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Tyler was fantastic! He was efficient, professional, and expertly fixed our plumbing issues. He even gave great advice on how to prevent plumbing issues down the road. Great customer service - thank you!!
  • Avatar agnes klimek ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    We appreciate Tech Zachary’s excellent customer service. He was very respectful, personable and answered all of our questions regarding the needed repair. Even our dog loved him and waited by the door after he left!
    Thank you Superior Plumbing
    … More & Drains.
  • Avatar Joseph Kennelly ★★★★★ a month ago
    Excellent company honest and upfront. They were the only company I could get to come out same day when having issues with pipes backing up. They got me on their schedule quick, came out and replaced all my existing cast iron. Vinny was … More very professional, upfront, and went out of his way to answer questions. I highly recommend them and will be using them for all future plumbing needs.

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